Meat  Hand Bag

Meat Hand Bag

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A repurposed vintage bag. 
Because this bag is second hang I can’t not attest if some of the materials are leather or faux leather but they are all in working order and now not thrown away! This makes all the bags completely unique and little pieces of morbid art you can use every day!
Given life again with the gift of science, the paranormal arts and the magic of the Halloween clearance aisle. 
All details are done by hand and hand painted.
Materials to alter bag include 
fabric glue (with latex so please be aware if you have an allergy) 
acrylic fibers 
fabric and paint  
Ready to ship in 3-5 days 
total height 17.5” 
total height (without straps) 8.5”
width 9” 
depth 2”
Black lining with pocket 
magnetic snap closure